Edmonton Infant Program


When entrusted to the care of our loving and attentive Edmonton daycare providers, your infant will never be left wanting for attention or cuddles. But his or her experience with us will be filled with much more than hugs and lullabies. Indeed, infants are at the very beginning of the learning age; every new discovery helps them build the foundation upon which the knowledge and understanding of more complex concepts will grow.


It is amazing to see how much a simple game of peek-a-boo can do for your infant child. Most people see games of this kind as a simple way to entertain infants. While these types of games do serve an entertainment purpose, they also are a great way to help your child develop trust (a simple way of explaining this is that your child sees you going away, but always coming back) and basic motor skills, as they try to imitate you.


Through Kids 'r Us Daycare #2's infant program curriculum, your child will be motivated and encouraged to develop the following skills:

  • Motor Skills: grasping and clutching, recognizing and initiating movement.
  • Sensory Skills: touching, feeling and listening; sound and movement perception.


In addition to learning and developmental activities, our Edmonton infant program allows for plenty of play and rest time.


Our daycare center has an area that is specifically designed for infants. This area, reserved for our youngest children, features various stations equipped with toys that target the appropriate skills for infant development. Separate changing and feeding stations are also nearby, as are personal cribs for nap time. Our infant area is a safe and clean place in which infants can comfortably crawl around without risk of injury or disease.


Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 has had tremendous success working with infants in this environment. Between the plush carpet and colorful toys, we guarantee that your infant will not only be kept safe and happy, but will also have a wonderful opportunity to develop strong motor and sensory skills.


If you are looking for the perfect daycare provider for your infant child in the Edmonton area, Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 invites you to come by our Edmonton daycare center and see for yourself what a wonderful environment we offer. You are also welcome to come by during the day and watch our daycare providers in action!