What they think

I just wanted to take the time to express my thanks for the great care you have shown my daughter. She loves being at Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 and that, puts my mind at ease while Iím at work. Thanks for everything!
- L.G.

My 20 month old son loves to go to Kids 'r Us Daycare #2. He has learned quite a lot since I enrolled him. Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 staff are extremely affectionate and caring. They have an excellent environment for kids, which involves all types of activities from arts and crafts to outdoor play.
- S.A.

Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 has such high standards in their childcare facilities that they have only the best staff working in them. They have found perfect care workers who truly love what they do, and who live and breathe for the children they care for. My son has been with Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 for three years, and I have watched him blossom into a happy, sensitive and caring little boy with confidence in himself.
- C.T.

Like all parents, my wife and I were apprehensive about placing our little one in daycare, but when my wife returned to university to complete her studies, this was our only option. Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 and their caring, thoughtful, and experienced staff have provided the answer to all our worries and concerns. Throughout this year we have watched our son grow from the loving, compassionate attention he receives at Kids 'r Us Daycare #2.

And whatís more, the values that we try to foster at home - honesty, kindness, gratitude - are all reinforced at Kids 'r Us Daycare #2. They are so gentle with the kids and the staff is so caring and attentive, which is reflected in the happy smiling faces I see every day when I pick my son up.

- D.S.

When our daughter turned 1 year old, we decided to move her into a daycare that was closer to my new job. I researched the area's daycares thoroughly and did many visits. I wanted to find a daycare facility that was loving and would be a stimulating environment for my daughter.

What struck me most about Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 was that the stuff had abundant hugs, kisses and patience with the children. My daughter clearly loves going to daycare every morning and to me that is a key indicator that this was the right choice. I recommend Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 to any parent that is searching for a place that will give them peace of mind knowing that their child is well cared for and stimulated to learn and grow. This is a safe environment that recognizes the needs of the different developmental stages of children.

- M.F.

I could never say enough positive things about the loving care Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 provided my son. They were equal parts creative, fun, academic and nurturing. Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 gently mentored not only my son but me and my husband as parents. We all grew under their guidance and support. We still use the techniques taught us years ago. My son was well prepared for kindergarten both socially and academically. Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 is a gem.
- L.W.

Both my son and daughter spent two years at Kids 'r Us Daycare #2's infant program. Every day when I dropped them off, I had complete confidence that they would be well cared for, engaged, learning and enjoying their day. It was so wonderful to have Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 in their lives. They are amazing with children and have so much experience with all sorts of temperaments and situations.
I would highly recommend them!

- C.A.

Our four year old daughter was in Kids 'r Us Daycare #2's care for 3 years, at which time we had a change in our family care needs. During the time our daughter went to Kids 'r Us Daycare #2 she engaged in a variety of different activities including crafts, learning, outdoor play, dance and gymnastics. There were plenty of games and activities to keep the children busy through the day.

It was a pleasure to get to know Kids 'r Us Daycare #2.

- C.I.

I had been searching for the perfect daycare center for my children for over 3 years and finally found Kids 'r Us Daycare #2. Their curriculum far surpasses any standards I have seen at any other daycare facility with activities for even my two year old. Each day I am amazed by what my children have learned.

What a wonderful, stable environment it is for them. Most important, is the love, compassion, affection, hugs and kisses that they are greeted with each and every day as they are shown that they are special and important. As anyone can plainly see, I can't say enough good things about Kids 'r Us Daycare #2!.

- M.R.